If our customer want to know the production method, raw material, process and testing method of our products, we can provide them in time, except the classified technology. You can contact us if you have any question or need help during the use of the products. We can offer technical supporting.

There will be quality inspection report for each batch of products. The free sales certificate and certificate of origin can also be provided if needed.

At Kangtai, we offer regular client visits in order to provide users with better service and receive their feedback. We create a complete customer profile, and regularly recommend newly-developed products to clients.

Technical Information We Provide
1. Product manufacturing techniques, including the basic information about the raw and auxiliary materials
2. If customers have any questions about our inspection approaches, we can tell them what reagents we use and how the testing processes are done
3. Instructions on how to use the chemicals and what additives are required
4. Third-party quality inspection reports
5. Certificate of origin: CO, Form E, Form A
6. Certificate of free sales approved by Bureau of Animal Husbandry and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Quality Assurance
The warranty period begins the day the client receives the product. During the warranty period, any technical service provided is free of charge.

Service Support

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