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Zhucheng Kangtai Chemical Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of sulfate production experience. Kangtai is located in Shunwang Sub-District, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China where the geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. The main products can be divided into copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate and various kinds of copper salts. They can be mainly applied in the following fields: flotation regents for nonferrous metals, electrolyte, water treatment chemicals, trace element fertilizer, feed additives and fine chemical engineering. Now, Kangtai has become the leading raw material provider for feed production enterprises and fertilizer production enterprises at home and abroad.

Kangtai has the operation rights of import and export. Our products have been sold to more than 20 provinces and cities in China as well as some countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Australia, Russia, the United States and Europe. The products and our service was highly praised by our customers at home and abroad.

Through the continuous developing, we have accumulated abundant capital and advanced technology. Kangtai also employs many industry experts with rich experience. We also established long-term strategic cooperation relations with various agricultural and chemical engineering universities and colleges. So our customer base is continuously growing. Kangtai will further give full play to our professional advantages and take advantage of rich industrial experience in order to provide better products and services for our customers at home and abroad, seeking common development.

Advantages of Kangtai
1.We have rich production experience, largest yield in north China and stable quality.
2.Kangtai is familiar with the application of our products in various industries so that we can provide professional technical consultation and some other services for our customers.
3.We can also provide customization products and services such as extrusion granulation and natural crystalline particles etc. And the packaging can also be designed and manufactured according to the customers' requirements.
4.The minimum order quantity is in a reasonable range which can satisfy the requirements of customers of different industries. We will provide same good services for customers without considering about the order quantity.
5.Kangtai has free sales certificate and certificate of origin (CO) such as C/O, Form A, Form E etc.

Testing Equipment
Kangtai has introduced a full range of testing equipment in the laboratory, including Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), Ultraviolet-visible Spectrophotometer (UVPC), and Muffle furnace, making sure that the whole production line from raw material to finished products is under strict quality control.

Our warehouse covers an area of 50000m2, and is equipped with forklifts, loaders, elevators, cranes, and packing platforms in order to protect the cargo from damage.

Product Shipping

Development History
Zhucheng Kangsheng Feed Additive Factory was established as a manufacturer of trace element (copper, manganese, zinc, and iron) feed additives.

We started to produce trace element fertilizers (copper, manganese, zinc, and iron).

Zhucheng Kangtai Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded.

We moved to a new factory and added several production lines to the workshops.

Our new product, Basic Copper Sulfate was successfully developed and was applied to the agricultural fungicide industry.

We applied for production license for feed additive. By this time, we have been engaged in the industry for 10 years.

We registered our brand, KONTEDA, and tried to promote product differentiation.

Zhucheng Shenglu Biological Technology Co., Ltd was established for research in organic and inorganic trace elements.

About Us

Zhucheng Kangtai Chemical Co., Ltd.

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