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Copper Oxychloride

 Copper Oxychloride

Basic information
Chemical Formula: CuCl2·3Cu(OH)2
Molecular Weight: 427.11
CAS No.: 1332-65-6
HS Code: 28274100
UN NO.: 3077 Class 9

1. The copper oxychloride is the basic material for producing other copper salts.
2. It can be used as feed additives: as an important trace element, copper can be used to promote growth and improve utilization of the feed. Copper oxychloride has more advantages as feed material than copper sulfate. The content of the copper oxychloride is high so that the transportation and storage cost and compound adding cost is reduced.
3. Copper oxychloride is insoluble in water and non-hygroscopic, thus reducing the damage on feed nutrients and improving feed quality. It can improve feed conversion ratio. And it also features good antibacterial effect, so that it can effectively improve the disease resistance of the animals. The copper and soluble copper content in the faeces can be reduced so that it is good for the environment.
4. This compound can be used as fungicide in agriculture and raw material of wood preservative.
5. It can be used as medical intermediate.
6. It can also be applied as absorbent of the CO2 in air.

Grade Feed Grade Industrial Grade
Content % ≥ 98.0 98.0
Copper (Cu) % ≥ 58.12 58.0
Arsenic (As) % ≤ 0.002 0.002
Plumbum (Pb) % ≤ 0.001 0.001
Cadmium (Cd) % ≤ 0.0003 0.005
Acid insoluble % ≤ 0.2 0.2
Fineness (pass through 250μm-screen) %≥ 95.0 ----

The copper oxychloride is green crystals or green crystalline powder which is insoluble in water but soluble in acid and ammonium water.

25kg plastic woven bag which is lined with plastic moisture barrier bag.

Kangtai offers various sulfate compounds and copper compounds, besides the copper oxychloride , we are offering a wide range of copper carbonate, copper chloride, copper oxide and copper acetate, as well as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate and ferrous sulfate. These chemical compounds can be used as additives, trace element fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, pesticide, catalyst, preservative and so on.

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