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Basic Copper Sulfate

 Basic Copper Sulfate

Basic information
Chemical Formula: CuSO4·3Cu(OH)2
Molecular Weight: 452.29
CAS No.: 1344-73-6

1. The basic copper sulfate can be used as fungicide and pesticide.
2. It can be used to produce Bordeaux mixture. The basic copper sulfate can be produced by copper sulfate and hydrated lime. The Bordeaux mixture has no harmful impurities, so that it will not cause phytotoxicity. It can not be easily washed away by the rain. There will be no residues on the surface of the plants. There will be no drug resistance as well. The Bordeaux mixture can be used together with some other pesticides.

Grade Industrial Grade
Content % ≥ 98
Copper (Cu) % ≥ 54
Arsenic (As) % ≤ 0.0008
Iron (Fe) % ≤ 0.003
Chloride (Cl) % ≤ 0.1
Acid Insoluble % ≤ 0.1

The basic copper sulfate is a green monoclinic crystal which is hardly soluble in water but soluble in diluted acid and ammonium water.

Packaging bag: plastic woven bag which is lined with plastic moisture barrier bag
Specifications: 25kg, 1000kg, 1200kg

Packing details

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