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Copper Oxide

 Copper Oxide

Basic information
Chemical Formula: CuO
Molecular Weight: 79.545
CAS No.: 1317-38-0
HS Code: 28255000

1. The copper oxide can be used as fungicide in agriculture.
2. It can be applied as heat absorbent on the surface of fireworks and crackers and solar energy equipment.
3. This compound can be used to produce glass, ceramic, enamel, rayon and magnetic materials such as ferrite etc.
4. Copper oxide can be applied for electroplating of electronic circuit board and artificial rainfall.
5. The copper oxide is the catalyst for O2 producing from H2O2.

Grade Industrial Grade
Content % ≥ 98
Copper (Cu) % ≥ 78
Arsenic (As) % ≤ 0.001
Plumbum (Pb) % ≤ 0.002
Iron (Fe) % ≤ 0.01
Chloride (Cl) % ≤ 0.05
Insolubles in acid % ≤ 0.05

The copper oxide is a black amphoteric oxide which features relatively low hygroscopicity. The density is 6.3~6.9 g/cm3 and the melting point is 1026℃. It is insoluble in water and ethyl alcohol, while soluble in acid, ammonium chloride and potassium cyanide solution. Copper oxide can be slowly dissolved in ammonia solution. It can react with strong base.

Packaging bag: plastic woven bag which is lined with plastic moisture barrier bag
Specifications: 25kg

Packing details

Kangtai offers various sulfate compounds and copper compounds, besides the copper oxide, we are offering a wide range of copper oxychloride, copper carbonate, copper chloride and copper acetate, as well as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate and ferrous sulfate. These chemical compounds can be used as additives, trace element fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide, pesticide, catalyst, preservative and so on.

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